Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tj's big Race

So in Jan Tj (tom's oldest son ) moved here to Casper with us. I think things have gone good so far. When he got up he talked to him about doing a sport, and he was just not that into it. We brought up BMX racing and he was still not that into it. Then he became friends with a girl who kicks butt in BMX racing and it help get Tj excited for it.

For Tj's birthday we bought him a really cool BMX bike, and  then we took him to an open practice were the kids can ride the track for a while and work on their speed and other things. Well we asked if one of the more experice  rides could help Tj learn what to do and show him the course. Well it looked like Tj learned alot for those kids and they really helped him out a lot.

Then Friday May 28, 2010 was Tj first race. Man was he so scared he was trying to back out, but we got a good size cheer grouping for him to cheer him that he went to a few warm up laps and was settling in. He went to the starting gate and waited for his moto.  His first race and he came out strong and had first till the first turn then he battled it out with the other boy the whole time for first place. He end up taking 2nd in his first two races. The 3rd race set the points for the night.

Well tj and the boy he was racing against deiced to do a great thing for the one boy in their moto who kept coming in last was both Tj and boy sat down while riding their bikes to help let the last place boy get a better chance. Come to find out this boy has some development issues and when the other kids do this it really encourages this poor boy to come back out and race.

 Once the point were tallied  Tj and the boy he battled for first place for in the first two race tied, but since on the last race tj came in first, that is what help tj win the race, so he has 7 more wins before he moves up a class. We are so proud of what a great job Tj did last night and he sounds like he wants to really stick with this sport.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been to long for a blog

Lets see were to start..... we the three of us are all in school. Wyatt in daycare, and tom and i in college classes. So far everyone is doing good and enjoying them selves. Wyatt is such a little charmer that he melts the hearts of all the teachers in his daycare.

Tom has updated his brewing to a kegging system so we don't have to bottle a ton of beer. And it is really nice we had a lot to to bottle but i just could handle it, LOL. This coming weekend we are tossing a party for the breaking in of the kegs, tom is going to smoke some yummy pork lions like he did for my b-day. he seems to be getting the hang of school and starting to enjoy himself.

Me still trying to lose the baby weight but it not coming off very well. I have been loving being a mommy. Wyatt makes it easy and a great baby. have so fun classes this year, so far in my ag classes i have learned about meat quilty mainly beef and i am getting good at it. LOL. I even had to watch a sheep and cattle slaughter for my labs, I made it thought them just fine. then we went back and learned to how to figure out yield and quilty of the cattle that were killed during our labs.

Wyatt is growing up so fast he has figured out to blow raspberries, babbles and giggles. I am trying to teach him so sign language, you can see him trying to copy me but he still has not figured it out yet. he has found his feet and is chewing on them. He also went from pacifier, to thumb, to chewing on his first 2 fingers on each hand. I have been feeding him cereal and the he loves it. I can't wait to move on and start trying to new foods with him. If i can get my butt in gear i would play around with making my own baby food cause how hard could it be right! well i keep you up to date on that part.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wyatt is here and almost 3 months

Sorry it has been so long but the time got away from me. Wyatt Micheal Masters is here born on May 18, 2009. he was 8lb 8oz and perfect. I end having him my c-section do to fail to progress, but that's is OK.

He is already over the 13lb mark a getting bigger ever day, he loves to hang out with Mommy and daddy and our family and friends. He laughs and talks alot now. Likes to use mommy as a chew toy. Watch the world around him and takes all in.

When we got out he sleeps the whole time and people just fall in love with him. here is a few photos of him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brew Master Tom

Yep that's right Brew Master Tom or at least he his now amongst our friends and family here in Casper.

This all got started when tom decided he wanted to make his own Cider, When he was in Germany He loved their cider, so that was he driving force to make something like he use to drink since you can't find anything in the stores. Has he always does he did his home on what he need and found it Wow it cost quite a bit to get in to making it. That is how he came cross Mead or Honey wine, which goes back to the time of the Romans and farther. He found a recipe that we could just go to the store and buy everything, so we got everything and he made his first
gallon. With in 2 weeks we had 2 gallons of mead above our tv fermenting away.

Then I started looking at beer brewing stuff since you the same equipment for both. That got tom looking into and him telling me he was willing to give beer making a try. So for his b-day i got him a whole brewing kit and 2 beer making kits. It all came in before his b-day so that is what he made on his b-day is first beer, well started it. It takes along time to boil all the grains and hops to get it started. but it made the house smell good. After he put beer mix and yeast in the first buck it had to sit there for 2 weeks to ferment and flavors to blend together.

Finally the big day comes to bottle his beer, Tom has been looking forward to this since he started the boiling of the grains. We set everything up in the garag
e since that is where we have the most room. My job is to fill the bottle and tom buts the caps on. Tom and his first beer!!
we came up 3 short of 2 full casesTom trying his beer, this bottle was only half full. It was still flat do to it had not carbonated yet but still good. Last night have trimming trees Tom and our friend Kyle tried the beer and they really liked what tom turned out. Tom is really proud of himself and looking forward to making his next beer and coming up with his own beer recipes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our First Baby.....Wyatt Masters

Well after many yrs Tom and I are having our first baby. He is due to arrive on May 19, 2009, Yep and it is a little Boy. I am so excited to be a mom and start sharing the world with a little one, Tom is excited to be a dad again.

Yes this will be Tom's 3rd kid he has 2 others form a previous marriage Tj(soon to be 13) and Tyler(11), they are both smart funny kids, I have talke to them on the phone but looking forward to meeting them in person.

My pregancy has been pretty easy, I never had morning sickness.I lost wieght up untill about 25 weeks. I am truely all Baby belly and carrying out front. Untill my belly started showing we kept forgetting i was having a baby just cause it as been so uneventful wich i do enjoy. I had to add extra iron to my diet, but that as been about it.

My Baby shower is March 14. Giving us time to get anything we did not get at the shower, and to figure out were we will put everything in our little house.LOL. I will be taking all my finals early so i can sit at home and try to get ready for Wyatt to show up.

I am just hoping he comes somewhat on time, I am only 29 weeks right now but starting to get somewhat uncomftable at night, My back is starting to hurt due to my belly, and other parts of my body have days were they hurt or not.

The funny thing is Wyatt will be the first Baby on both sides of the family in 10yrs, so he will get lots of love and attention from family and our friends.