Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brew Master Tom

Yep that's right Brew Master Tom or at least he his now amongst our friends and family here in Casper.

This all got started when tom decided he wanted to make his own Cider, When he was in Germany He loved their cider, so that was he driving force to make something like he use to drink since you can't find anything in the stores. Has he always does he did his home on what he need and found it Wow it cost quite a bit to get in to making it. That is how he came cross Mead or Honey wine, which goes back to the time of the Romans and farther. He found a recipe that we could just go to the store and buy everything, so we got everything and he made his first
gallon. With in 2 weeks we had 2 gallons of mead above our tv fermenting away.

Then I started looking at beer brewing stuff since you the same equipment for both. That got tom looking into and him telling me he was willing to give beer making a try. So for his b-day i got him a whole brewing kit and 2 beer making kits. It all came in before his b-day so that is what he made on his b-day is first beer, well started it. It takes along time to boil all the grains and hops to get it started. but it made the house smell good. After he put beer mix and yeast in the first buck it had to sit there for 2 weeks to ferment and flavors to blend together.

Finally the big day comes to bottle his beer, Tom has been looking forward to this since he started the boiling of the grains. We set everything up in the garag
e since that is where we have the most room. My job is to fill the bottle and tom buts the caps on. Tom and his first beer!!
we came up 3 short of 2 full casesTom trying his beer, this bottle was only half full. It was still flat do to it had not carbonated yet but still good. Last night have trimming trees Tom and our friend Kyle tried the beer and they really liked what tom turned out. Tom is really proud of himself and looking forward to making his next beer and coming up with his own beer recipes.

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