Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tj's big Race

So in Jan Tj (tom's oldest son ) moved here to Casper with us. I think things have gone good so far. When he got up he talked to him about doing a sport, and he was just not that into it. We brought up BMX racing and he was still not that into it. Then he became friends with a girl who kicks butt in BMX racing and it help get Tj excited for it.

For Tj's birthday we bought him a really cool BMX bike, and  then we took him to an open practice were the kids can ride the track for a while and work on their speed and other things. Well we asked if one of the more experice  rides could help Tj learn what to do and show him the course. Well it looked like Tj learned alot for those kids and they really helped him out a lot.

Then Friday May 28, 2010 was Tj first race. Man was he so scared he was trying to back out, but we got a good size cheer grouping for him to cheer him that he went to a few warm up laps and was settling in. He went to the starting gate and waited for his moto.  His first race and he came out strong and had first till the first turn then he battled it out with the other boy the whole time for first place. He end up taking 2nd in his first two races. The 3rd race set the points for the night.

Well tj and the boy he was racing against deiced to do a great thing for the one boy in their moto who kept coming in last was both Tj and boy sat down while riding their bikes to help let the last place boy get a better chance. Come to find out this boy has some development issues and when the other kids do this it really encourages this poor boy to come back out and race.

 Once the point were tallied  Tj and the boy he battled for first place for in the first two race tied, but since on the last race tj came in first, that is what help tj win the race, so he has 7 more wins before he moves up a class. We are so proud of what a great job Tj did last night and he sounds like he wants to really stick with this sport.

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