Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been to long for a blog

Lets see were to start..... we the three of us are all in school. Wyatt in daycare, and tom and i in college classes. So far everyone is doing good and enjoying them selves. Wyatt is such a little charmer that he melts the hearts of all the teachers in his daycare.

Tom has updated his brewing to a kegging system so we don't have to bottle a ton of beer. And it is really nice we had a lot to to bottle but i just could handle it, LOL. This coming weekend we are tossing a party for the breaking in of the kegs, tom is going to smoke some yummy pork lions like he did for my b-day. he seems to be getting the hang of school and starting to enjoy himself.

Me still trying to lose the baby weight but it not coming off very well. I have been loving being a mommy. Wyatt makes it easy and a great baby. have so fun classes this year, so far in my ag classes i have learned about meat quilty mainly beef and i am getting good at it. LOL. I even had to watch a sheep and cattle slaughter for my labs, I made it thought them just fine. then we went back and learned to how to figure out yield and quilty of the cattle that were killed during our labs.

Wyatt is growing up so fast he has figured out to blow raspberries, babbles and giggles. I am trying to teach him so sign language, you can see him trying to copy me but he still has not figured it out yet. he has found his feet and is chewing on them. He also went from pacifier, to thumb, to chewing on his first 2 fingers on each hand. I have been feeding him cereal and the he loves it. I can't wait to move on and start trying to new foods with him. If i can get my butt in gear i would play around with making my own baby food cause how hard could it be right! well i keep you up to date on that part.

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